Dark Psychology, Definitions

Undetected Mind Control

“Undetected mind control is the most deadly type of mind control in existence. If someone is aware that their mind is being influenced then they can object mentally, verbally or physically. They can avoid contact with the controlling person or situation. A lot of people would run at the first sign of a dangerous person trying to get inside their brain and take it over. If their mind controller is undetected, like a stealth bomber, then it is not possible for the victim to put their defenses up in time.

There are two types of tactics for taking over a person’s mind undetected—interpersonal interactions, and the use of media. Traditionally, media mind control was only possible for large companies, and individual mind controllers were left to interpersonal mind control only. Nowadays, this is no longer the case. Laptops and smartphones have placed media mind control powers directly into the hands of the coldest manipulators walking the Earth.

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