Dark Psychology, Definitions, Neuro-linguistic Programming

What is Dark Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP?

“One of the key ideas informing Dark NLP is that human beings lack any concrete identity and are therefore susceptible to the influence of others, for better or for worse. Traditional NLP takes this understanding of identity as being fluid and uses it as a basis for therapists to help people overcome the major roadblocks that are holding them back in life. According to Dark NLP, on the other hand, this fluidity of identity means that a person can be manipulated into behaving according to the will of others. This potential for malicious influence is evidenced by the people who fall under the spell of dark forces such as cults or extreme ideologies.”

Pace, Michael. Dark NLP: How To Use Neuro-linguistic Programming For Self Mastery, Getting What You Want, Mastering Others And To Gain An Advantage Over Anyone (pp. 21-22). Make Profits Easy LLC. Kindle Edition.”


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