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What is Dark Persuasion?

“Who Is A Dark Persuader? A dictionary might say that to persuade is to prevail on someone to do or believe something using any of a number of methods of advising or reasoning. The difference between persuasion and dark persuasion is in the intention. A persuader might attempt to convince someone to do something without thinking through specific tactics or motivation or without any real understanding of the person they are attempting to persuade. A persuader might be concerned with creating the most good for the most people, like a diplomat who wants to prevent war between two world powers by creating political ties where there were previously none. A persuader might grasp at straws wildly hoping for something to stick.

A dark persuader always understands the bigger picture. He understands who he is trying to persuade, what motivates them, and how far he needs to take the tactic in order to succeed. He is typically unconcerned with the morality of his manipulation. He might see “doing the right thing” as a perk, but it doesn’t have to be his biggest motivation. In the venn diagram of morality and self-gratification, a dark persuader’s actions will not always fall into the overlapping area. A dark persuader will see the thing or person he wants and devise a way to get it by any means”

Pace, Michael. Dark Methods Of Persuasion: How To Use Dark Persuasion Techniques To Convince, Influence And Persuade Anyone And Get Them To Do What You Desire (p. 7). Make Profits Easy LLC. Kindle Edition.

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