Dark Psychology

What is Dark Psychology?

“They say that knowledge is power. Well, if knowledge is power, then having knowledge of human psychology is the equivalent of having super powers. Psychology, the understanding of the human mind and the way it works, is a topic central to the existence of mankind. Psychology underpins everything from advertising to finance, crime to religion, and love to hate. Someone who understands psychological principles holds the key to human influence, a key few other people possess.

Obtaining psychological knowledge is often a difficult task. Like all of mankind’s most advanced secrets, psychological knowledge is buried deep within the pages of dense journals and kept out of the reach of the general public. To distill this powerful information into a useful form would require someone to delve through countless books and journals, attempting to separate the useful from the useless.

Dark psychology is at work in the world. You might not like this fact, but you can’t change it. So you have a choice: either try to remain ignorant of something powerful and risk becoming its next victim, or take control of your situation and learn to protect yourself, and those you love, from people who would ruin you through their ruthless psychological exploitation.

Understanding dark psychology is not only a defensive measure. There are ideas and principles contained within the world of dark psychology that can help you get ahead in your personal and professional endeavors. No one is asking you to become a psychopath, but surely you could use a little more power in your day-to-day life.

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